You have the right to be treated in a professional manner and to be fully informed about all aspects of your sport.

  You have the right to have all terms of any contract with a promoter or manager in writing.

  You have the right to have a contract read and explained to you, either by a state athletic commission representative or anyone of your choosing (including an attorney).

  You have the right to review, obtain and keep copies of all of your contracts.

  You have the right to receive the correct amount of purse monies as set forth in your contract.

  You have the right to receive a written, post-fight accounting from either the promoter, your manager or both, which shows how the total amount of the purse set forth in the contract for the fight was distributed.

 You have the right to have a doctor, emergency medical personnel and an ambulance continuously present at the location of any fight.

 You have the right to have a promoter provide health insurance to cover any injuries resulting from a fight, and to know the name of the insurance company and the amount of coverage provided.

 You have the right to hire individuals of your choice to serve as your manager, trainer, second, or in any other capacity, and not to be required to hire such an individual in order to obtain a fight.

 You have the right to know if your ranking with a sanctioning body has been changed and the reasons, in writing, for the change.

You have the right to appeal suspensions and to be informed of how to make an appeal.

 You have the right to contact your state athletic commission or the Association of Boxing Commissions to report any wrongdoing, ask any questions, or seek any advice.








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