The Universal Boxing Organization™ always aim to establish good relationships with promoters, managers, matchmakers and the boxers who fight for our titles.

Every Champion, past or present, is special to us, and it means a lot when those who cooperate with the UBO get a good experience when doing so.

Below are some testimonials about the UBO from people in the boxing industry:







I am proud to be World Champion of the UBO. It has been an honor to work with the UBO, they are very credible, honest, hardworking people.

The UBO supports and assists promoters in bringing boxing back to the glory days. I would strongly recommend this organization to everyone in boxing. "


UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Alicia Melina Kummer, Germany (2020).
UBO World Champion.



One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through, and you will become the survival guide of someone else.

And i know from my experience with the UBO, that I will share a great story. "



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Christian Demaj, Albania (2020).
UBO International Champion.



In 2018 I was the UBO Youth World Champion.

I am very glad to have been a UBO champion, it was a big milestone for me to get my first title and I crowned my career so far with a nice championship belt."



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Zoltan Surman Jr, Hungary (2020).
Former UBO Youth World Champion.



I won the UBO International title in my first pro championship fight, and it was a big night for my career.”

Its always nice to work with the UBO, they are always professional and helpful, and I hope to win the UBO world title in the future.”



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Sofia Abraamyan, Russia (2020).
UBO International Champion.



I won the UBO International title in one of my best fights, against an undefeated strong African prospect.

It was a very good experience working with the UBO, a very fair and boxing-loving organization."



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Sherif Morina, Germany (2020).
Former UBO International Champion.



Thank you very much to the UBO, a very professional organization.

It has been a pleasure to have been able to fight for, and win their championship.”



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Cedrick Peynaud, France (2020).
Former UBO International Champion.



"Many thanks to the UBO for their huge contribution to the development of professional boxing around the world.

I am confident that UBO will be one of the leading organizations in the future, and a special gratitude on my behalf for sanctioning the fight in which I became the UBO world champion in 2015."



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Vyacheslav Mirzaev, Russia (2020).
Former UBO World Champion.



"I had the opportunity to fight for the UBO belt, and it was a great experience. Every fighter has a goal to fight for a title, and to be able to win one or more of the titles out there.

It’s great that the UBO is a new player in the game. The UBO has opened up more dreams for fighters to someday hold and defend their title. Thank you for that!"


UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Jeff Lacy, USA (2011).
Former IBF/IBO World Champion & UBO Title-Challenger.



"In my more than 20 years as a boxing manager, I have worked with numerous sanctioning bodies. I can say unequivocally, that the UBO, through Commissioner Macke Roberts, has been the easiest organization to do business with.

Macke's passion and knowledge of the sport and business of boxing, are unsurpassed in our industry. He is equally as concerned with the welfare and development of each fighter as he is with the needs of the management and promotional interests, and strikes a perfect balance between each.

I urge every manager, promoter, and boxer to give the UBO a fair chance to represent their interests. You are certain to be impressed by the UBO's unique solutions to your boxing needs."

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Henry Foster, USA (2011).
Manager of UBO Champion Rances Bartheley. 



"I am grateful for this opportunity given to me by the UBO.

I will continue to work hard to show the world I am worthy champion."




UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Rances Barthelemy, Cuba (2011).
UBO International Lightweight Champion. 



"I’m very glad that I had the chance to work together with such remarkable organisation. I believe our cooperation was fast and efficient.

My goal is to bring even more UBO belts to Hungary, and if I had not finished my own professional career, I would have liked to be a UBO world champion.

I thank the UBO for our cooperation and, I expect it will continue in the future."

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Krisztina Belinsky, Hungary (2011).
Former World Champion and current manager. 



"Although I have not had the opportunity to fight for a UBO title I’m very impressed with the UBO organization and all that they have done for boxing.

Please continue doing what you guys are doing for boxing, and I will stand behind you guys 100 percent."



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Brian Mihtar, USA (2011).
Middleweight Contender.



"I hope to be the UBO's next lightweight world champion! I have already accomplished the UBO's All-American lightweight title and the UBO's prospect of the year!

They have made the future of my boxing career brighter and better!

I'd like to thank them for giving me the chance and the opportunity to fight for their titles!"


UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Mason Menard, USA (2011).
UBO All-America Lightweight Champion.



"I would like to thank the UBO for giving me the chance to promote such a prestigious title for a small country like Bulgaria.

I am always happy to work with professionals who are correct with any agreement. I am sure we will continue our cooperation in the future."



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Vasko Vasilev Alexeev, Bulgaria (2011).
Promoter of Alexey Ribchev vs. Jurijs Boreiko UBO International title fight.



"I won the UBO Inter-Continental Super Welterweight title by beating former European Champion Mamadou Thiam in 2008. It was a great fight, and I was very proud to win the UBO Championship.

Unfortunately I was not able to defend the belt, but I have no complaints about the treatment and respect given to me by the UBO. I want to thank them for being a part of my career, and wish everybody good luck in the future."

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Evans Ashira, Denmark / Kenya (2011).
Former UBO Inter-Continental Super Welterweight Champion.



"It has been an honor to work with the UBO, they are very credible, honest, hardworking people.

The UBO supports and assist's promoters in bringing boxing back to the glory days.

I would strongly recommend this organization to everyone in boxing."


UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Chad Broussard, USA (2011).
Promoter of several UBO title fights. 



"It was fantastic for me to become UBO Inter-Continental Champion, and it was a great night for me and for Ecuadorians when I fought Luis Ernesto Jose from the Dominican Republic to win the title.

I want to thank the UBO for the opportunity, and we now seek to win the UBO World championship."



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Humberto Toledo, Ecuador (2011).
UBO Inter-Continental Lightweight Champion.



"I cherish working with the UBO because they are professional, and I have always received good service and honest dealings with them.

I am very proud and privileged to promote title fights sanctioned by this fast growing boxing body."



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Eddie Bazira, Sweden / Uganda (2011).
Promoter of several UBO title fights.



"I am Peter “Boyz Boyz” Semo, sending my thanks to the Universal Boxing Organization. I won the UBO Lightweight World title in 2007, and then the Light Welterweight World title in 2008.

I am proud to have been a two-time UBO World Champion, and appreciate the support I have always received from the UBO."



UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Peter Ssemo, Sweden / Uganda (2011).
Former UBO Lightweight & Light Welterweight World Champion.



"To work with the UBO is the best thing to happen to me in my promoter’s career.

The UBO consists of experienced people, of professionals who knows all the difficulties that boxers, managers and promoters often have with the championship organizations.

The UBO tries their hardest to keep overall quality of their champions, and the way they operate, as high as possible, and to work with them is to work with someone you can trust and do serious cooperation with.

God Bless the UBO!"

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Manda Mukadi, D. R. Congo. (2011).
Promoter of several UBO title fights.



"I have been working successfully with the UBO for years.

The quick and professional work is important to me, and they always honor the agreements we make, which is a big help to me in organizing title fights.

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Zoltan Petranyi, Hungary (2011).
Promoter of several UBO title fights.



"Being a former Olympian, and Kenyan and African Champion at heavyweight in the professionals, it was special to me to win the UBO International title at Cruiserweight and add another achievement to my career.

The opportunity they gave me, and the respect shown to me by the UBO, made it an honor to join the UBO as their Kenya representative when I retired from the ring."

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Joseph Akhasamba, Kenya (2011).
Former UBO International Cruiserweight Champion. 



"It was a great pleasure to work with the UBO. I personally enjoyed the experience and the cooperation offered by the UBO management, and I can only recommend that promoters, managers and matchmakers work with the UBO and promote fights for UBO titles.

My impression is that the UBO works hard to provide opportunities for boxers and promoters, and for the betterment of the sport of boxing."

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Jaakko Helminen, Finland (2011).
Matchmaker, Kai Kauramaki vs. Andrzej Butowicz UBO Inter-Continental title fight. 



"I am very happy to be a UBO Championship promoter, and can only say good things about our collaboration.

I am proud to say that I am a former UBO International Light Heavyweight Champion, I have promoted several UBO title fights in Egypt, and will gladly promote UBO title fights in Nigeria too."

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™ Richard Nwoba, Egypt / Nigeria (2011).
Former UBO Champion and promoter of several UBO title fights.








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