Q & A Face-Off: Echevarria vs. Conquest / Part 1: Jerome Conquest

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UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™

With less than a week to go before their fight in Gadsden, Alabama on Saturday October 16, we asked the same five questions to UBO World Lightweight Champion Noel Echevarria and challenger Jerome Conquest.


This is part one of Q & A Face-Off: Echevarria vs. Conquest.

Q: One fighter originating from Puerto Rico, the other fighting out of Philadelphia. Two iconic boxing locales. Who is your favourite Puerto Rican fighter of all time, and your favourite Philadelphia fighter of all time?

A: I personally don't have a favourite, but I love all Philadelphia fighters, past and present. We all have that grit and attitude, and we are never afraid of being great like what I am doing October 16. S its Philly vs. Everybody.


Q: If you could chose any profession not boxing, or any other kind of athlete, which would it be?

A: I haven't really put too much thought into any other profession, because I always like to work. Give me a boss´s or a corporate workers pay, and I will be good.

Q: Favourite part of training, and least favourite part of training?

A: My favourite part of training is to continuing to learn more about myself as a fighter, and pushing myself. The least favourite part is that I cant eat what I want.

Q: Random and unprofessional question: Tyson Fury starring in the Titanic movie, or Manny Pacquiao in the lead role of the Cats musical. What do you prefer?

A: Neither, haha.

Q: First thing you do the day after the fight on October 16th, win or lose?

A: No matter the outcome I am going to call my kids. Between boing being full time, and planning community events I don't spend enough time with my kids and family. So that's what I am going to do.








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