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UBO Boxing Awards 2010
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January 4, 2011 / BY UBO PRESS OFFICER

UBO  -  Universal Boxing Organization™
2010 proved to be an excellent year for the Universal Boxing Organization™. With big names such as Jeff Lacy and Bronco McKart fighting for UBO titles, and with more activity than ever before, we were reaffirmed in our belief that boxers, managers, promoters and commissions all over the world enjoy working with us. 

As has become an annual tradition, we start off the New Year with our UBO Boxing Awards. More so than ever it was difficult to choose in almost all categories, as so many worthy boxers and non-participants were involved in UBO title fights in 2010. The recipients are as follows:   




2010 Boxer Of The Year Dhafir Smith! Dhafir Smith

Unheralded Dhafir “No Fear” Smith caused a big upset when he went to the hometown of Jeff Lacy and won a unanimous decision over the former World Champion to capture the Universal Boxing Organization™ International Super Middleweight title.

Beating “Left Hook” Lacy in front of a near capacity crowd at Jannus Live in Saint Petersburg, Florida on December 11 was without comparison the biggest triumph of Smith´s up-and-down career, and it earns him the 2010 UBO Boxer Of The Year Award.


Honorable Mentions: Matamba Postolo (for winning the International Cruiserweight title and the All-Africa Heavyweight title), Laszlo Hubert (for winning the European and World Cruiserweight titles, Juma Fundi (for winning the International and World Flyweight titles).


2010 Fight Of The Year Jeff Lacy vs. Dhafir Smith! Jeff Lacy vs. Dhafir Smith

The decision was unanimous, and most people didn’t think that Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy was even close to winning the UBO International Super Middleweight title on December 11 in Saint Petersburg, Florida, but never the less it was an entertaining bout with dramatic moments for both boxers.

It was a classic Puncher vs. Boxer match-up, and while the Boxer (Smith) seemed to be in control, the Puncher (Lacy) always had a chance to turn things around with his feared power. However, in the end Dhafir Smith got a well-deserved victory.   


Honorable Mentions: Toledo vs. Jose (Inter-Continental Lightweight title, 9.18, Salinas, Ecuador), Dominique vs. Kulibali (International Welterweight title, 10.30, Lubumbashi, D.R.C.), Fundi vs. Mathias (World Flyweight title, 11.28, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania).


2010 New Champion Of The Year Bronco McKart! Bronco McKart

Bronco “Superman” McKart became a three-time World Champion on October 30 in Monroe, Michigan. Having previously held WBO and IBA World titles, McKart stopped the game Michie Munoz in seven rounds to win the UBO World Middleweight title.

A true professional and always in shape, McKart is a role model for not only aspiring boxers, but also for young people in general. He is a true hero in his hometown of Monroe, and the Universal Boxing Organization™ is proud to have him as our champion and 2010 New Champion Of The Year.


Honorable Mentions: Humberto Toledo (Inter-Continental Lightweight Champion), Bettina Gabriela Garino (Female World Featherweight Champion), Mason Menard (All-America Lightweight Champion), Dhafir Smith (International Super Middleweight Champion), Renata Szebeledi (Female World Super Banramweight Champion).


Mason Menard

Currently 22-years-old, puncher “Rock Hard Mighty” Mason Menard is quickly establishing himself as one of the sports most promising Lightweights. He won the Louisiana State title in February, and followed up that accomplishment by stopping Robbie Cannon in July to lift the UBO All-America championship.

Menard has since won two non-title fights by knockout, and holds a very impressive 14-1 (12) record. If he continues to develop, he could very well be a future world champion in the making.


Honorable Mentions: Franklin Mamani (Latino Welterweight Champion), Hizni Altunkaya (Youth World Cruiserweight Champion), Ilunga Dominique (International Welterweight Champion).


2010 Promoter Of The Year Mukadi Manda! Mukadi Manda

Mukadi Manda promoted five Universal Boxing Organization™ title fights in 2010. A former professional boxer who fought all over Europe as well as in his birth country The Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Manda committed himself to providing opportunities to talented boxers in D.R.C. after hanging up his gloves in 2008.

Under the promotional banner of Manda, Matamba Postolo won the International Cruiserweight title and the All-Africa Heavyweight title, Manroy Sadic won the All-Africa Cruiserweight title and Ilunga Dominique won and defended the International Welterweight championship. Mr. Manda very much deserves the 2010 UBO Promoter Of The Year Award for brining professional boxing back to life in D.R.C.


Honorable Mentions: Profibox Promotions (promoted four UBO title fights in 2010), Left Hook Promotions & Fightnight Productions (Lacy vs. Smith), Boxncar Promotions (Menard vs. Cannon), Turner Boxing Production (McKart vs. Munoz), Vladimir Zamora (Toledo vs. Jose).


2010 Manager Of The Year Zoltan Petranyi! Zoltan Petranyi

Zoltan Petranyi did a wonderful job of managing in 2010, leading Laszlo Toth to the UBO International Heavyweight title, Renata Szebeldi to the UBO Female World Super Bantamweight title, and Laszlo Hubert to the UBO European and World Cruiserweight titles.

Still an active boxer, Petranyi could have had one more UBO Champion, himself, as a planned fight for the European Heavyweight title was called off in December.  


Honorable Mentions: Chad Broussard (manager of Mason Menard), Fabian Heck (manager of Bettina Gabriela Garino), Turhan Altunkaya (manager of Hizni Altunkaya).


2010 Event Of The Year Humberto Toledo vs. Luis Ernesto Jose! Humberto Toledo vs. Luis Ernesto Jose

The UBO Inter-Continental Lightweight title fight between Humberto Toledo and Luis Ernesto Jose on September 18, was a big event in the truest sense of the word. The fight was witnessed by a huge crowd, and staged outdoors on the Boardwalk of Salinas, Ecuador with an entire country watching it on TV.  

The fight was promoted by Vladimir Zamora, who did a tremendous job of putting together a complicated event, in cooperation with the Salinas Municipal Government and Mayor Vicente Paul Borbor Mite. Toledo won by TKO in round eight.


Honorable Mentions: Jeff Lacy vs. Dhafir Smith (International Super Middleweight title), Kali Jacobus vs. Komgrit Nanakorn (World Super Middleweight title), Bronco McKart vs. Michie Munoz (World Middleweight title), Mason Menard vs. Robbie Cannon (All-America Lightweight title).


2010 Special Tribute Of The Year Turner Boxing Productions! Turner Boxing Productions

Turner Boxing Productions, headed by Mr. Dennis Turner, proved to be a big pleasure to work with for the Universal Boxing Organization™ in 2010. T.B.P. successfully staged the Bronco McKart vs. Michie Munoz World Middleweight title fight at the local High School in McKarts hometown of Monroe, Michigan, and conducted themselves professionally in every way.

It is not easy to promote World Championship Boxing without the financial security of television, but T.B.P. did a great job with the October 30 show. With that in mind, Turner Boxing Promotions is given the 2010 UBO Special Tribute Award.  


Honorable Mentions: Jeff Lacy (for a formidable career) and Bronco McKart (for proving he is still a force to be reckoned with).


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